Stylish liquid guitars change color in minutes

Usually, when a musician wants to change the body color of his favorite guitar, he has to use a whole set for painting: a sander, brushes, paint and much more. It takes a lot of time and meticulous work. The people at Bryan Guitars decided to find a way that would make this task easier. And after 30 years of developing the family business, the company offered the musicians a way out - liquid-filled guitars.

The guitar from Bryan Guitars consists of a transparent plastic body filled with a colored liquid from the inside. She is able to change her color in a matter of minutes.

The liquid is absolutely safe, does not harm the environment, does not leave traces on the inside of the case. It can also use colored oils to diversify the color scheme.

The guitars are made in PETG style with a double cut on the body. The mass of prototypes is 3, 1-4 kg. The DC Standard features a 22-fret maple or rosewood neck and a maple neck. The saddle is made of synthetic material and is chrome-plated. Black and white pickguards are provided to protect against damage from the pick. The case is not included, the cost of the model starts at $ 549.

The Elite is similar to the DC Standard in many ways, but it features a tremolo system, has more pickguard colors and comes with a case. Its cost starts at $ 849.

The instruments will be filled with liquid or oil of the same color. Content in other colors can later be purchased directly from Bryan Guitars. Guitars are expected to hit the market in 2021.