JAXJOX Launches Digital Interactive Fitness Studio

JAXJOX became famous in 2019 with the Kettlebell Connect adjustable weight, which is able to track user activity. The next was the Foam Roller Connect massage roller with five levels of vibration intensity.

Another novelty of the company is an interactive home fitness studio. It consists of a 43-inch touchscreen TV, Foam Roller Connect 2.0, and two new products, Dumbbell Connect and Pushup Connect. The set price is $ 2, 200.

Dumbbell Connect is a digital dumbbell set with adjustable weights from 3, 6 to 22, 6 kg. As in the case of the "smart" kettlebell, the user, through the LCD display or through the application, tells him the weight he needs, and the system picks it up on the physical handle.

According to the developers, this is made possible by a "telescopic shaft" that grips the selected discs with the movement of the motor. In addition, the dumbbell features an AI-controlled gyroscope and accelerometer to track reps and sets.

The next device is Pushup Connect. It is a curved push-up plate with an LED display in the middle and four holes on each side. It also has two movable handles that are inserted into the holes on both sides. The athlete will be able to switch between narrow and wide grips to better distribute the load on different muscle groups. Pushup Connect also syncs with the app.

While each studio simulator component requires a subscription and request via the app, the full version of Interactive Studio offers users a more powerful membership to JAXJOX Studio: family classes for up to six people, unlimited sessions, and personalized training recommendations.