Mobile gadget PhoneBook turns any smartphone into a laptop

Anyware Technology presented its development, which allows you to turn a smartphone into an almost full-fledged computer. Modern gadgets with their performance have long replaced the personal computer for most people, but when it comes to creating documents, AAA-level games or comfortable watching TV shows, the small screen size starts to seriously interfere with the process. With the PhoneBook gadget, this can be fixed quickly and easily.

The PhoneBook has a 15-inch Full HD screen, stereo speakers, a full-size keyboard with trackpad, and a separate battery pack with 8-hour battery life. And that's all - no computing power, no unnecessary electronics, only the presence of a USB interface through which the user's smartphone is connected to it. PhoneBook serves as a physical extension of the capabilities of a mobile phone, turning it into a kind of laptop.

PhoneBook works with both iPhone and Android platforms. Its screen is touch-sensitive, making it easy to navigate apps built for smartphones. But there is also an option with connecting a classic wired mouse, which is especially emphasized. The fact is that control through the keyboard + mouse combination is much more convenient and more accurate than gestures on the smartphone screen, and this is an important advantage in battles in online games.

Another bonus - PhoneBook recharges the smartphone while it is connected to it. The device will go on sale in December, priced at $ 169 apiece.