Startup Trio will add two useful screens to the laptop

Last year, the young studio Mobile Pixels launched a crowdfunding project for the "Duo" retractable laptop screen. The startup raised $ 860 thousand on Kickstarter and $ 1.2 million on Indiegogo, which allowed it to successfully launch the production of the device under the commercial name "Duex". Then, having analyzed the wishes of users, the developers started to create a double retractable screen - the "Trio" model.

As before, the sturdy frame is magnetically attached to the back of the laptop, and the screens are mounted to it. The difference is that a wide variety of configurations are now available - these displays can be rotated, fixed at different angles, deployed to landscape or portrait position. You can also turn off one of the screens for a while as unnecessary. With all manipulations, the system automatically adjusts the desktop to the current screen configuration.

The 0.68kg version of the Trio is designed to mount to a 13-14 "laptop and can carry a pair of 12.5" screens, with 1080p resolution per monitor. The Trio Pro version weighs already 0.8 kg and is designed to install 14-inch displays, and the resolution increases to Full HD on the monitor. The displays connect to the bezel through their USB ports, and it transfers data to the laptop through a third port.

Pre-ordering one setup and a 12.5-inch Trio display will cost $ 179, a set of two monitors - $ 349. The older version, the 14-inch Trio Pro, starts at $ 199 or $ 389 for two screens. Production is slated for January 2020.