Powerbank Prelude sticks to your smartphone and transfers energy to it on the go

The Bezalel brand has launched a new gadget - a compact powerbank called Prelude, designed to wirelessly recharge smartphones on the go. It is distinguished by its small dimensions and the function of "sticking fish", it is a satellite device that does not interfere with the operation of the main gadget.

Dimensions Prelude 11, 4x6, 9x1, 7 cm, weight 150 g, its maximum charge is 5000 mAh. That is, this is one or at most two full charges of a resource-intensive flagship smartphone. But this accessory is compatible with all iPhone models from 8 and up, Samsung Galaxy S6 and up, as well as phones from LG, Sony and BlackBerry.

Prelude uses wireless technology to transmit power, and therefore does not require a cable connection and does not occupy external ports of the smartphone. Unlike analogs, it is not attached to a magnetic pad on the body of the main gadget, but directly, using small suction cups. Powerbank sticks almost literally to merge with the base device and not interfere with its operation. The design in the hand will turn out to be weighty, but quite ergonomic, the authors of the startup assure.

The cost of one copy of the Prelude for investors on Kickstarter will be $ 45, deliveries are planned to begin in December this year. In winter, smartphones and other electronics run out of battery faster - this will be a great chance to evaluate how efficient and convenient wireless "sticky" powerbanks really are.