Google Glass sales will begin next year

Augmented reality glasses Google Glass was not discussed unless lazy. Many users are looking forward to the moment when they go on sale. True, Google decided to postpone their release until next year.

According to the Computerworld portal, citing an anonymous reliable source, sales of Google Glass glasses will not start this year, as expected earlier, but next. The exact date of the start of sales is still unknown.

The reasons that forced Google to postpone the start of Google Glass sales are not named. But it is possible that the Internet giant has decided to improve glasses and change its marketing strategy in order to attract as many buyers as possible.

By the way, the developer Lance Neinach has already presented the Crystal Shopper application for Google Glass, which suggests the cost of a particular product in the store. It will read the barcode from the product packaging and then show the user information about the product and its value taken from the Amazon online catalog.