Sony unveils a bracelet that follows your life

The long-awaited annual exhibition Mobile World Congress 2014 kicked off today in Barcelona, ​​the tourist capital of Spain. On the very first day, everyone was amazed by Sony, which brought to the conference a unique bracelet that records life.

Sony's new smart bracelet is called SmartBand and is designed for lifelogging. In other words, it records the daily activities of its owner and sends all data to his smartphone with a special application installed. It tracks your entire life - from what time you eat, what movie you watch or listen to music, to what time you go to bed, how long you rest and are on the road. In addition, it will be able to save the user's conversations.

It is known that a Sony Core sensor for monitoring a person is installed in a unique bracelet, which connects to a smartphone via a wireless Bluetooth or NFC interface and is characterized by low energy consumption. One battery charge is enough for five days of battery life.

For the gadget to work fully, the user will have to create a Sony Entertainment Network account and download the special Lifelog application to the smartphone. Its appearance in the public domain is scheduled for next month.

The start of sales of the dust and waterproof Sony SmartBand is scheduled for March this year. It will be presented in several bright colors. The cost of the new item is still unknown.