Fitness game Quell invites you to show your kung fu to real monsters

Video games are traditionally considered sedentary entertainment. But lately, more and more games have appeared that challenge this belief in an effort to instill in people the exercise habit. Their ranks have just been replenished - the game Quell invites you to go on a journey through the fantasy world, literally making your way with your own fists.

Quell is paired with the Gauntlet, which was developed in conjunction with professional boxers. It is a pair of gloves that are attached with elastic straps to a sling that is thrown over the shoulders. The gloves are equipped with motion sensors that track the speed, acceleration and position of the player's fists during strikes, and the straps provide the necessary load and improve the quality of the workout. Data is sent via Bluetooth to a smartphone, computer or laptop running the game.

Instead of creating yet another straightforward boxing simulator, the Quell developers came up with a game about battles with fantasy monsters, each of which has its own tactics and fighting style. Players will have to hit, defend, dodge and even cast spells. Successful completion of quests will provide players with new equipment and abilities that can be used both in the main storyline and in daily tasks and events. The developers promise to support Quell for many years, along the way creating new games based on their system.

But there is a nuance here. All additional content that will appear after the release, as well as multiplayer, will be packaged in the Quell + subscription service. Now it is difficult to say whether it will be worth its money - now there is no data on either the price or what the players will actually get within the framework of this service. In any case, the system will have serious competition in the face of, for example, the already highly popular Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure.

Quell is currently campaigning on Kickstarter and has raised over $ 100, 000 - with an initial request of just $ 33, 000. The Quell Semi-Year Quell + Quell Packs have an early price of $ 195 and are expected to ship in September 2021.