Futurists believe technology will force humans to evolve into Homo Optimus

The futurist Ian Pearson, known for his unusual predictions, predicted how humans will develop until 2050. In his opinion, everyone who is under 40 today has the potential to achieve "electronic" immortality, thanks to the Internet, in which the lifetime experience and thoughts of people will be preserved.

The futurologist is convinced of the imminent unification (for about 35 years) of the human mind with the artificial intelligence of computers, which will initiate the formation of a new kind of people - Homo Optimus.

The next step will be the optimization of genomes and human organs, "augmented" by the achievements of modern technologies. It will make a person prettier, smarter, more emotionally challenging, physically healthier, and most importantly, happier. Summarizing the latest research of scientists and experts, Ian Pearson offers a number of "applications" and "improvements" to what the Lord gave to man.

In particular, in order to connect the skin to a single electronic system, it will be necessary to implant thousands of tiny intercellular implants into it. To strengthen the legs, he recommends wearing special electronic support tights with additional helium one-centimeter muscles. Apply programmable smart make-up to the face, changing according to the user's desire. And monitoring nanotechnology will help self-healing of worn-out organs from the inside, in particular, teeth.

Our smaller brothers will not be ignored either. Thanks to new technologies, people will create new types of pets with higher IQs, such as electronic toys Furbies, and learn to understand their language.