Mojo Vision has developed a contact lens with augmented reality display

At CES 2020, Mojo Vision showed a working prototype of a universal display integrated into a contact lens. The device is designed for a wide range of tasks related to displaying images. For example, it can be used in augmented reality platforms or help correct visual defects.

The prototype has a green monochrome screen with a resolution of 14, 000 pixels per inch, which, according to the developers, is a world record. But it also has a significant disadvantage - an external processing device is required to generate the image. As well as an external energy source, sensors and sensors, communication module, etc. Therefore, it is more likely that the first real devices will still be made in the format of glasses or some kind of hybrid designs.

These smart lenses are useful for solving vision problems like macular degeneration. They can "tint" objects in the field of view or provide them with labels to attract a person's attention. And if you add specialized AI, you can get an augmented reality platform - for example, for displaying information during races or performing complex work in real time.

At the moment, this is just a conceptual technology, without any clearly agreed terms for launching into production. Nevertheless, Mojo Vision has already raised $ 100 million in investments for further work and may be of interest to large manufacturers of wearable electronics. On the other hand, both Google and Samsung have filed patent applications for similar systems a few years ago, but have not yet created finished devices.