Electrotatu Tip-Tap will allow you to control your computer like a Jedi Knight

The computer has long been one of the "assistants" of the modern surgeon - but how to work with it during the operation, while observing the requirements of sterility? The new wireless wearable Tip-Tap will help the surgical team navigate digital content without touching the screen.

Tip-Tap was developed by specialists from the Canadian University of Waterloo. It is attached to the surface of disposable surgical gloves or directly to the skin in the form of an "electronic tattoo", which is a special RFID tag. Its antenna is divided into two separate bands, one of which is located on the thumb and the other along the index.

Each of these strips, in turn, contains a row of three chips. By touching different strips with their thumb, users can issue certain commands. Depending on which two chips are in contact, a different electrical signal is generated.

RFID tags do not need a battery or a wired power supply. Instead, the antenna is temporarily powered by a radio signal from a display device such as a tablet or computer. Thanks to this, Tip-Tap can transmit its electrical signals to such a device, where they are converted into various commands that control what is happening on the screen.