Google patents virtual reality travel sneaker

Whatever advanced virtual reality headset we wear on ourselves, the possibilities of our real movement will always be limited by the square meters of an apartment, office or game room.

Several solutions to this limited space problem already exist. Google also offered its own version in the form of special running shoes for participants in virtual travel.

A Google patent describes a motorized shoe with rollers integrated into the outsole. The boots are tracked by a VR movement system or connected to a headset.

As soon as the user approaches the border of the “forbidden zone”, the motors in the boots are triggered, which return him to the “allowed” zone and turn off immediately.

The goal of the project is to provide the user with the ability to freely move in virtual reality, without looking at the real space, limited, perhaps, by only a few square meters.

However, it is worth making a reservation - we are talking only about a patent, the device itself is not yet available. And yet, users are wondering how quickly the Internet giant can turn its idea into hardware.