A gel that stops blood in 30 seconds has been developed in Nizhny Novgorod

The specialists of the Tectum company took part in the development of the gel. If most of the previously developed means to stop bleeding took at least 5-7 minutes, then with the help of a unique novelty, this process is reduced to one minute.

The folding process is as follows. The gel, when it comes into contact with blood cells, forms a clot. The process accelerates as the rest of the components react. When conducting experiments on animals, it was possible to stop the blood in half a minute.

The gel is based on chitosan, a natural polymer found in the shells of some crustaceans. Scientists have found that chitosan is very similar in composition to fragments of the membrane of blood cells, which ensures such a rapid interaction.

According to one of the project leaders, Mikhail Gorshenin, scientists have yet to figure out the possibility of using the gel to stop internal bleeding. The uniqueness of the drug also lies in the fact that it does not need to be removed, since it dissolves over time.