Google Glass smart glasses are being introduced at Volkswagen factories

Augmented reality glasses can be used not only for entertainment purposes, but also in production. Thus, the well-known German automobile concern Volkswagen began to introduce smart glasses on the assembly lines of its cars.

After three months of testing, the Google Glass Explorer Edition glasses were received by employees of the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg. They, as conceived by the management of the automaker, will help improve the quality of production by making it easier to assemble parts such as windshields and drive shafts. Among the advantages of smart glasses are the ability to control operations by voice, view the information required during the assembly, for example, part numbers. They also include a built-in barcode scanner that identifies the parts to be installed and checks them for compliance.

“High technologies are becoming more and more necessary in production. The 3D glasses will take the interaction between people and technology to a new level, ”Volkswagen said.

The company emphasizes that the use of 3D glasses is a voluntary fact, and all employees of the plant who want to use them in their work will undergo gradual training with a short period of "adaptation". Currently, the glasses are used by 30 Volkswagen employees. The augmented reality glasses they use have an HD screen, support for wireless technologies and the possibility of bone conduction of sound, and the gadget is also capable of taking photos and videos in 720p.