Samsung's SelfieType technology lets you print on any surface

We have already reported that Samsung will present at CES-2020 a whole scattering of new technologies developed on the basis of its own startup incubator C-Lab. One of them is SelfieType technology.

This is a product that makes it possible to use the front camera of a gadget (smartphone, laptop or tablet) to create a virtual keyboard.

To do this, you just need to point the camera of the device at your hands and start typing. As long as they're in the lens' field of view, the patented AI-powered SelfieType engine will analyze finger movements and interpret them as real keystrokes.

For all its innovativeness, the presented technology can cause some difficulties compared to a conventional keyboard. It seems that the software does not yet have sound and physical feedback, while it does not allow the user to see which "buttons" he is typing.

In short, the SelfieType development team still has some unresolved issues. However, if we manage to overcome them, smartphone users will be able to type in much more comfortable conditions, giving up the inconvenient on-screen keyboard of the gadget.