Specs glasses with artificial intelligence will protect the user from procrastination

Auctify has launched a fundraiser for a smart glasses project called Specs. Their key feature is the ability to monitor user actions, determine periods of inactivity and demand to stop messing around. But all this is in a mild form, not as an overseer, but as a friendly helper who wants to protect his master from procrastination.

To monitor the user's actions, Specs glasses use a camera and a machine learning system - a personal AI that adapts to a specific person. Thanks to this, there is no need to send or store large amounts of user data, all work is done on the device itself.

The user can independently configure what is considered clearly "idle actions" if he knows his habits well. Or set the time for checking the activity, set up a work schedule, which the glasses will track. Specs interacts with various applications installed on the smartphone to distinguish between busyness and idleness, for example, when browsing websites. The glasses analyze all user actions in order to detect and respond to behavioral disturbances.

The founders of the startup say that their main task is to increase people's productivity by reducing procrastination. And yet they promise to support a wide range of activities, from watching TV to doing yoga. However, there is a doubt that the AI ​​and the electronic base for it will fit so easily in the format of regular glasses. Until a mass product appears, it is still difficult to judge the effectiveness of the proposed concept.