PhotoFlow - installation for the collection and storage of solar energy and water

Until now, in some regions of the world, there are frequent interruptions in the supply of electricity and clean drinking water. NOS volunteered to solve these problems.

NOS has officially introduced an unusual device called PhotoFlow. It is a two-in-one installation that collects solar energy and collects and stores water.

The PhotoFlow installation reportedly includes eight identical triangular photovoltaic panels with an anti-reflective coating and a 400-liter water tank, which, moreover, is coated on the inside with a special antifungal and antibacterial composition. The convenient design of the unit allows, if necessary, to easily clean the tanks and panels and to repair or replace them.

The device is capable of generating up to 340 kilowatts per hour.

Note that the NOS developers are now looking for a sponsor to fund the project. After that it will be possible to talk about the mass production of PhotoFlow installations.