Is Mira Prism for iPhone the cheapest access to augmented reality?

It differs from virtual augmented reality in that there is no need to isolate oneself from the outside world to immerse oneself in it. Therefore, the creators of Mira Prism limited themselves to a lightweight design in the form of glasses and an iPhone mount. The smartphone acts as a workstation and source of the image, while the glasses help superimpose it over the field of view.

The glasses themselves are lightweight, unobtrusive and, with the augmented reality system turned off, do not create problems for the user. In active mode, they cover the field of view of 60 degrees, a picture is projected onto the inner surface of the eyepieces at a resolution of 1334 × 750 pixels, like in the iPhone. It is created by the corresponding application, and a remote control is offered to control the entire system.

Formally, the Mira Prism device is compatible with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7, in fact, with all iOS-enabled gadgets. The focus is on Apple's ARKit suite of tools, which is de facto becoming the new flagship brand development. According to rumors, Cupertino has been preparing its own augmented reality glasses for a long time, and other companies are not sitting still - the authors of Mira Prism decided to overtake everyone while there is still such a chance.

But what's the point in augmented reality glasses without content? That is why the first version with the prefix "for developers" will cost only $ 99 and will be on sale by this autumn. For three months, according to the manufacturer's idea, developers of games and other entertaining content must prepare something. And there Christmas sales begin and the price tag goes up one and a half to two times. But Mira Prism still remains one of the cheapest augmented reality systems on the market.