US intelligence agencies conducted over 200 cyberattacks in 2011

Two years ago, more than 200 cyberattacks were carried out by the US intelligence services. This was reported yesterday by The Washington Post, citing a reliable source familiar with the situation. It is possible that this source is Edward Snowden, whose name has been on everyone's lips lately.

According to the newspaper, 231 cyberattacks were carried out by American intelligence in 2011. For these purposes, the US government has spent more than $ 652 million.

The attacks were directed against Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and some other countries. Computers involved in nuclear programs were subjected to them. They were infected with viruses that slow down and disable software and the machines themselves. Moreover, the number of infected computers goes to the millions.

It should be noted that this is the largest series of cyber attacks, information about which has been made public.