Microsoft develops drones for catching insects

After the end of the First World War, the flu epidemic claimed more lives than the war itself. And all the armed conflicts that occurred in America alone in the 20th century took fewer casualties than outbreaks of malaria during the same period. Microsoft's new project "Premonition" is aimed at fighting epidemics. The project will use drones and other cutting-edge technologies.

It is assumed that unmanned drones will be used to search for and identify new diseases before they become a threat to livestock, wildlife and humanity. As you know, insects are one of the most active carriers of infection. The flying drone developed by Microsoft is designed to catch mosquitoes and mosquitoes. It is a cylindrical sphere with many compartments.

Microsoft hopes that its research and development will help fight the dreaded tropical diseases, as with the help of many new drones it will be possible to massively study insects before they harm humanity. We hope that this noble mission will be crowned with success.