What does the sound produced by a car tire look like?

Modern computers are capable of doing amazing things, such as easily solving a Rubik's cube in a matter of seconds. It would seem that it would not be difficult for them to imitate the sound of a tire while the car is moving - but it is not. In fact, Yokohama had to join forces with its Japanese counterpart NASA to recreate the sound propagation from the tires of a moving car.

In collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Agency, researchers at Yokohama created a detailed wheel model and emulated the sounds produced by the tire. As a result of the obtained picture, it turned out that the source of noise is not only the shaking of the environment around the rotating wheel, but also the constant air pressure in the front of the tire, where it meets the road.

Why bother aerospace scientists to find out if a tire makes a lot of noise? In fact, the models created will help Yokohama develop quiet tires that will make the car ride more comfortable. It will also make it possible to improve wheel aerodynamics, which will allow electric vehicles to pass more on one gas station.