"Talking" dog Stella learned to make phrases from 29 words

Speech specialist from San Diego (USA) Christina Hunger is conducting an interesting experiment. Starting at two months of age, she teaches a dog named Stella to formulate his requests by pressing large buttons to which words and commands are attached. In fact, the animal communicates with its owner, doing it consciously and constantly progressing in its studies.

For this purpose, Christina uses large multi-colored buttons that are easy to press with a dog's paw. Each button is assigned a word like "Walk" or "Eat", including the linking "Want" or "Must". When you press the button, the voice assistant speaks the command to avoid confusion.

According to Christina, she did not even suspect how quickly Stella would master her "letter". At first, the puppy just watched the actions of the owner, who pressed the buttons and explained their meaning. And then suddenly he came up and clicked on "Let's go for a walk" - this was her first expressed request. Today Stella knows 29 words and is actively learning to combine them.

As an example, Christina gives a video in which Stella says “I want to eat and want to play”. When the owner asks what she wants in the first place, the dog quite confidently answers “I want to eat”. And she also knows how to confess her love to the hostess (using all the same buttons) and she is sure that this is not flattery. Now Christina intends to develop a training method and test it on other dogs in order to understand - how realistic is it to create an accurate tool for interspecies communication?