Loss of GPS Navigation Will Cost US $ 1 Billion Per Day

Since 1984 and the beginning of access to GPS by American commercial structures, its presence in the US economy has grown at a tremendous pace. It is estimated that during this time, the profit from the operation of GPS amounted to $ 1.4 trillion, and the bulk of the users formed explosively after 2010. And all of them hardly realize how vulnerable GPS is even without the start of hostilities, and what losses it will bring if it is disabled.

If in the period from 1984 to 2016 the income from the use of GPS amounted to $ 1354 billion, then in 2017 alone almost $ 300 billion was received. The largest consumer of the system's services are telecommunications companies, they need GPS to maintain the stability of the bandwidth. Then comes the private telematics sector, the use of navigation for the accuracy of the provision of various services. The third place belongs to the users of smartphones, the fourth is the sphere of transport. Most of all concerns are caused by sea transportation, where the convenience of using GPS supplants other types of navigation.

Meanwhile, in April 2019, the world spread the terrible news about a possible global GPS failure, due to the problem of resetting the timers. It will be repeated approximately every 20 years and it is not a fact that without consequences. And then there are ubiquitous hackers, but shouldn't the US authorities have taken care of protecting GPS from them? Alas, but there is a short retelling of the scenario of the government commission about what the "world without GPS" will look like.

On the first day, no one will notice anything, and the media will refuse to publish expert opinions, fearing to raise panic. But already on the second day, the editors will not be able to get through to the journalists due to the desynchronization of communication. Stopped ships, trains, planes. On the third day, most GPS-dependent networks are down, with losses reaching the first billion dollars. From the fourth day on, commercial networks begin to suffer permanent losses due to disruption of order fulfillment and delivery of goods, with the greatest costs being brought by unsuccessful attempts to resuscitate GPS. By the end of the week, the United States fixes $ 1-1.5 billion of damage every day, and NASA admits that they will no longer be able to quickly launch new communication satellites - they also have continuous problems.