OhRoma gadget will make virtual reality exude odors

Attempts to endow visual content with tactile and scent effects have been around for almost half a century, but in the era of personal entertainment devices, this trend is experiencing a new renaissance. In 2001, the iSmell startup raised more than 20 million investments, then the FeelReal technology and the Scentee project came along. But with OhRoma, things are much more serious - this is a new word in the adult entertainment industry.

Structurally, OhRoma is a respirator adapted for use with a virtual reality headset. The gas delivery mechanism synchronizes with the cinematic program and exudes tiny doses of aromatic substances directly into the user's nose. No concomitant negative effects in the form of splashes and mucus on the skin.

The range of scents is small, but curious, it was developed with an eye to that part of the audience, which sorely lacks the proximity of perception of favorite actors and shows. This is the scent of perfumes used by porn stars, aphrodisiacs, incense, flowers, lubricants and specific smells of sex toys - there are lovers of that. There are 30 different bouquets in OhRoma's collection, the most odious of which are the odors of the human body.

Experts believe that virtual reality flavors will certainly occupy their niche in the entertainment industry - by analogy with streaming someone's meals and other online shows. Those who want to try the toy in action can already pre-order for $ 99 and from $ 6 to $ 10 for a set of replacement cartridges.