British engineers propose to completely replace home gas heating with hydrogen

Not natural gas, but hydrogen released from it should become an environmentally friendly, cheap and convenient source of energy for residents of Foggy Albion in the near future. It is a continuation of a long-standing decarbonisation policy in which the British authorities want to eliminate everything that creates carbon emissions. In 2017, the country experienced its first day without the use of energy from coal-fired power plants, and by 2025 all of them will be closed.

Natural gas is also harmful, and today accounts for up to a third of all UK emissions. But if you apply the process of steam reforming with hydrogen evolution and carbon capture, you can get an efficient energy source, reduce emissions by 92% and save on waste disposal. All that is needed is to replace the existing gas pipes on the high-pressure lines, plus put water locks and other fire-fighting equipment everywhere. Hydrogen is explosive, this is a fact, but calculations have shown that on a national scale, the risk of its use is not particularly higher than with free gas handling. For TB violations, it will be equally bad.

Energy companies will not have to spend on retraining users, only spend about $ 29.2 billion on the installation of the first stage of the hydrogen pipeline. It will supply gas to 3.7 million residential buildings and provide energy to 400, 000 enterprises by 2028. Further, by the middle of the century, it will be possible to connect about 12 million more objects throughout the country, including the capital region. Three gas companies are ready to act as pioneers: British Northern Gas Networks and Cadent and Norwegian Equinor.

When hydrogen becomes so widespread and available, hydrogen fuel cells, cells for widespread use, will inevitably appear, which will spur the development of this industry. The cost of hydrogen for the population will be only 7% higher than the current prices for gas, but emissions into the atmosphere will practically disappear. And this will become an achievement not even on a national, but on a planetary scale.