Engineer Designs Midnight Scoop - The “Perfect” Ice Cream Scoop

Some scientists and inventors are working on the creation of unique gadgets and high-tech devices, while others are improving our lives with the help of the simplest inventions. An example of this is aerospace engineer Michael Chou, who developed the ultimate ice cream spoon.

Midnight Scoop, according to the creator, is the perfect ice cream scoop. With its help, you can easily get a hard cold treat from a jar. In addition, it protects against possible injuries to the wrist, since the stress on the wrist is minimized.

The spoon is made of solid aluminum and is available in natural form or with ebony, graphite or moonstone finishes. She, according to Michael Chow, will serve the owner faithfully all his life.

The engineer collects money for the implementation of his project on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. To date, more than 1, 800 users have supported his idea, raising over $ 97, 000, even though it only took 17, 500 to start mass production. Order the perfect Midnight Scoop ice cream scoop now, with shipping starting in December. The price of the issue is from $ 38.