The United States will build the largest artificial ice punch in the country

Ice climbing is a relatively young extreme sport. To show their skills, athletes have to conquer the steep slopes of frozen waterfalls or giant icicles.

However, the trouble is that nature is unpredictable and the weather in the mountains is far from always favorable for competitions, therefore, by the decision of the American Mountaineering Club, the construction of the largest ice-field in the United States began.

Its dimensions are 14.6 m in height and 24.3 m in width. The structure will be made mostly of plywood with few handrails. However, there are also overhanging ice fragments made by hanging chains with lumps frozen in a barrel of water.

Ice climbers will compete on two icy steep "tracks" with corners and ledges 12.5 meters long each. Athletes will be able to demonstrate everything that they are capable of.