DigiLens launches production of augmented reality helmets

The manufacturer of digital augmented reality displays DigiLens has presented a new version of the MonoHUD module, which has noticeably "lost weight", has become easier to manufacture and significantly cheaper than its predecessors. The company also announced an agreement with motorcycle and motorcycle helmet manufacturer Sena to develop MonoHUD-based augmented reality helmets.

The new module uses only two layers of lenses, which, according to the company's specialists, makes the eyepieces crystal clear when viewed while maintaining a brightness level of 8000 nits on a full color display with a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. It is worth clarifying that MonoHUD is "one-eyed". Continuous battery life is 8 hours with a field of view of 25 degrees.

The augmented reality eyepiece displays several navigation “tips”, as well as player tracks, incoming call notifications, which is well suited for Sena helmets that combine Bluetooth support and smartphones.

Developers still have to figure out how their brainchild reacts to the vagaries of the weather - temperature drops and humidity, as well as to increase their impact resistance.

It is obvious that the technology of augmented reality helmets is constantly improving and becoming more accessible. In the near future, enthusiasts will be able to experience first-hand the merits of MonoHUD.