Spin Remote Wireless Gadget: Control Multiple Home Devices at Once

Universal controllers are used to easily control a variety of home devices. Another novelty called Spin Remote will allow you to clean the house of unnecessary trash in the form of all kinds of remotes. Moreover, the device will combine control functions without using buttons - the entire control interface is reduced to touching, rotating and tilting the device.

Spin Remote is designed to control the vast majority of wireless devices, regardless of the communication method. The gadget supports infrared communication, radio transmission, various wireless channels like Bluetooth. It is also possible to control all equipment on the screen of a smartphone or tablet via a mobile application.

The user is invited to customize the variations of interaction with home equipment. For example, the volume of the audio system can be assigned to the rotation of the Spin Remote. On controller tilt - apartment lighting control. And touch gestures will be responsible for switching TV channels or launching applications. There is support for profiles - this means that you can configure different functionality depending on the room the user is currently in.

The gadget has one interesting feature. Unlike most infrared remotes, which have to be pointed towards the target, the Spin Remote sends infrared signals in all directions at once.

The Spin Remote SDC-1 universal controller costs $ 112.