Japanese engineers have created a computer that can be worn on the ear

At first glance, the device is somewhat reminiscent of an apparatus for the hearing impaired. In fact, this is a miniature personal computer weighing only 17 grams. The device boasts Bluetooth support, compass, gyroscope, microphone, speaker, GPS and battery.

The ear-worn computer will join the existing family of wearable electronics such as Google Glass. It is equipped with a microprocessor and an internal flash drive for downloading software. When creating the design of the gadget, it was not done without the traditional Japanese ikebana - its colors are carefully thought out.

The computer is worn over the ear like an earring. It can connect to various types of mobile devices. But, perhaps, the main feature will be the ability to control the work of the gadget through facial expressions. Instead of the usual manipulation of the mouse, keyboard or finger, it is suggested to move the eyebrows, turn the tongue, nose, and when necessary, clench the teeth tightly.

But that's not all. A headphone computer can become a "third hand" for people with disabilities, racers, astronauts and representatives of other professions, whose hands are constantly busy. The gadget is ready to suggest the name of this or that object, for which it is enough to look in the right direction. Quite naturally, all the possibilities of the Internet are available to him.

The creators of the computer have not forgotten about the elderly. The device can function as a hearing aid, report the wearer's location, measure heart rate, body temperature, and even count the number of sneezes. Currently, a unique gadget is being tested.