Navdy displays distracting information right in front of your eyes

Mobile phones are increasingly among the causes of serious road accidents. Alas, many drivers consider it normal to call or answer SMS while driving, to the detriment of monitoring the traffic situation, which can cost them their lives.

NAVDY is both the name of a startup and a device designed to enable drivers to use their mobile phones without losing their attention while driving. The device resembles a projector in shape and size and is installed on the dashboard.

To activate it, you need to establish a wireless connection with your smartphone and open a small transparent screen through which streams information about speed, navigation, incoming call notifications and text messages.

Controlling the work of NAVDY is carried out using certain gestures. The image is projected onto an area of ​​the windshield directly opposite the driver's eyes in the form of a floating hologram.

The idea for the device belongs to Doug Simpson, formerly one of the leading specialists of Hewlett-Packard, where he worked for 10 years. He has already managed to raise about 27 million dollars for the implementation of his project and receive 6 million from pre-orders. NAVDY will sell for $ 299.