The ViewR app will allow multiple players to play virtual reality at once

Modern content for virtual reality is designed for interaction with one person - the one on whose head the headset is located. Yes, you can see the emulation of what is happening in the game on a separate monitor, but you cannot directly participate in it. On the other hand, is it really necessary? The authors of the startup ViewR from Brisbane decided to conduct a large-scale experiment.

The ViewR solution they developed is a tablet application that connects to virtual reality and receives its own separate channel of interaction with it. This means that we do not just see what is happening in the game, we participate in it and can influence the gameplay. Not as effective as a joystick-wielding player, because the tablet's touchscreen is not very comfortable for this purpose. But more than one pair of hands can touch it, and several people will see what is happening at once.

By default, it looks like an interactive show in which one main player plays the game and the others watch him. From time to time they interfere with the gameplay for different purposes, from helping in difficult places to implementing an intentional setup. However, developers of gaming applications can limit the functionality for those connected via ViewR to something symbolic, so as not to interfere with the gameplay too much.

Currently, ViewR's creators have already redesigned the code for three well-known VR games - Superhot, Beatsaber, and Budget Cuts. A little later, they will release the SDK to the public so that other developers can use it in their games. The application itself is free for this period - it will soon become clear whether this option will be in demand among gamers.