New study unexpectedly shows crocodiles are very fast runners

The ability of crocodiles to make swift but short attack throws on land has been known for a long time. However, a new study by American zoologists has shown that crocodiles are, in fact, excellent at hiding their potential. In reality, these clumsy reptiles can run at very high speeds and, more importantly, in different styles.

Scientists have installed hidden video cameras at the Florida Zoological Park to watch crocodiles when they are unaware. The video showed dozens of cases when reptiles switched to running, with some developing speeds up to 18 km / h. In total, scientists studied the behavior of 42 individuals of 15 different species of crocodiles, caimans and alligators.

Alligators and caimans, for reasons unknown so far, ran fast, but primitively, clumsily. However, at least eight types of crocodiles demonstrated other techniques: race and gallop. In the first case, the animal is repelled by the front pair of paws while the hind one is still in the air, and then repeats this movement in reverse. In a gallop, all legs move asymmetrically, alternately striking the ground. This is the fastest way to travel for many animals, but it was seen in the performance of crocodiles for almost the first time in history. The video is definitely the first of its kind.

The smaller a particular individual was, the easier it was for her to raise her legs, and the better she galloped. This is probably a demonstration of a protective evolutionary mechanism that gives small individuals a chance to survive, whereas a large alligator relies on the strength of its jaws. So far, too little data has been collected, but the experiment continues.