Non-standard capabilities of modern smartphones - what's new offered by manufacturers of "smart" mobiles

Of all modern gadgets, the smartphone remains the most popular. "Smart" mobile with a lot of additional functions can replace a dozen devices. It allows you to always be in touch, listen to music and watch your favorite movies, take colorful photos, navigate in unfamiliar places using the navigation system - and at the same time easily fits in your bag or pocket.

It is not surprising that it is in smartphones that revolutionary updates appear most often, making their use even more convenient.

The most interesting features of modern smartphones

Let's see what interesting functions can be obtained in the latest generation devices.

  • Supports 2 - 4 SIM. If the phone is capable of working simultaneously with at least two different SIM cards, all your contacts can be divided into two groups. For example, one number will receive work calls, while the other will receive only personal calls. This allows, first of all, to choose the most convenient tariffs on both cards;
  • Support for navigation via GLONASS. Not all mobile phones can work simultaneously with GPS and its Russian counterpart - but those smartphones that receive signals from both systems provide a more reliable orientation in space;
  • Fingerprint unlock. This interesting feature is present in the latest smartphones. The unique fingerprint scanner makes your phone's protection against burglary absolutely reliable. In addition, if you wish, you can set up “on different fingers” to call certain applications - and open them faster than the standard method.

Also, smartphone developers strive to constantly improve their durability. The newest models are expensive, and of course, users do not want to buy too fragile devices for a lot of money. Therefore, smartphones, elegant in appearance, are able to withstand quite sensitive drops and work correctly in rain and snow. Some models do not break even when immersed in water.

Of course, not all features are truly essential. But the widest choice, presented, in particular, on the page, allows everyone to find the optimal device just for themselves. Someone is primarily interested in the quality of communication, someone needs a good camera, and someone is going to take a phone on travel and is looking for a particularly durable model with a powerful battery. Among the many brands and models, without exaggeration, there is everything - and in many cases the price will be lower than expected.