Vaccine protests have pushed the United States to the brink of a measles epidemic

In Clark County, Washington (USA), local authorities have declared a state of emergency due to the threat of a measles epidemic. 23 cases of the disease among children have already been confirmed, and the number of patients has doubled literally since last week. The reason for the appearance of such a rare disease is that this region is known for the large number of families who refuse vaccinations.

Between 2017 and 2018, 8% of all children in Clark County were officially vaccinated. And an unknown number of adults - medical secrecy does not allow statistics. Only 1% of refuseniks have medical contraindications for vaccinations, all the rest are exempted due to the religious or personal requirements of their parents. Thus, there are guaranteed fewer vaccinated people in the district than is required for the threshold of 92-94%, which allows passively preventing the spread of infectious diseases such as measles.

Health officials are now advising the public to avoid public places such as hospitals, churches, schools, gyms, Portland International Airport's Delta Sky Lounge, Ikea stores, Dollar Tree, Moda Center. And they remind you that it is enough just to sit in the same room with a sick measles to get infected. The infection will remain in the air of the corridor through which the patient passed for another two hours, and 90% of his surroundings can be infected from one person. In the event that they do not have vaccinations.

To date, partly forcibly, 20 out of 23 sick children have received the necessary treatment, plus measles vaccinations. And this is extremely annoying for the doctors themselves, because they have to correct a situation that was completely preventable. And with very little effort, almost no cost, but once the residents of Clark County made their choice, everything happened like a textbook. But now there is one more illustrative example for refuseniks - vaccinations against diseases are not just necessary, but necessary.