An enthusiastic engineer develops a flying vacuum cleaner

Peter Shripol, an American engineer and youtuber, has posted a video of creating and testing what could start a new branch of the development of household robots. He thought about solving one of the key problems of all wheeled vehicles - climbing steep obstacles like stairs. The most optimal solution, from the author's point of view, was flight.

To implement his idea, he took a typical Roomba vacuum cleaner, on which he fixed several propellers from a multicopter. I connected them to the robot's energy system, added a remote control. There is no way without it - initially the robot is not intended for flight, its algorithms are not able to recognize such a state and navigate in three planes.

The result was as impressive as it was goofy. The vacuum cleaner easily flies over obstacles, but the wind it picks up only throws debris even more. Accuracy is entirely up to the operator, and battery power is depleted very quickly. Finally, it cost $ 200 to retrofit a factory vacuum cleaner, three times its price. But that's what the concept is, just to show the possibilities and set the direction of development.