The fastest 3D printer in the world almost completed the construction of a three-story house in Germany

The construction industry is rapidly adopting 3D printing. There are already enough examples of this: the creation of an entire village in Mexico, consisting of printed houses, and the construction of two-story houses in Germany using three-dimensional printing. The next step is already a three-story building.

The project was initiated by the German company Peri for the construction company Michael Rupp Bauunternehmung. The finished five-apartment, three-storey building with a basement floor will have an area of ​​about 400 sq. m. It is assumed that four apartments will be leased, and the fifth will house a showroom.

The house will print the COBOD BOD 2 printer. The device is a modular structure, and for this project its dimensions will be 12.5 x 15 x 7.5 m. Its printing speed reaches 100 cm / sec, it uses about 10 tons of concrete per hour. At the moment, this is the highest performance among all construction 3D printers on the market.

The printing process of BOD 2 itself is no different from other similar printers: the cement mixture is squeezed out through a nozzle, and then stacked in layers, forming a wall. BOD 2 is serviced by two operators, while other specialists continue to work inside the building under construction.

An important detail is that the walls are printed taking into account the engineering communications provided for by the project, which then makes it possible to lay pipes and electrical cables without any problems.

At present, the printing of the first floor has already been completed. The entire building will take about six weeks to complete.