The ultra-slim Nums device completely redefines your laptop trackpad

Startup Luckey Inc. launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a Nums device that breathes new life into a laptop trackpad. Nums is an ultra-thin glass film that turns a trackpad into a numeric keypad and lets you launch apps and websites with a simple swipe.

To use the Nums, all you need to do is clean the trackpad, tape it on, and download the driver from the company's website. After that, the overlay can be switched between the numeric keypad and conventional mouse modes with one swipe of your finger. Also, using the driver, it can be programmed to launch selected sites and applications. That being said, Nums does not interfere with the usual day-to-day work with the trackpad.

Nums currently only supports MacBooks (work is currently underway to ensure compatibility with Windows devices). Test results are already known for typical models of this laptop: Nums speeds up the typing of numbers by 2.3 times and allows you to make 66% fewer finger movements when working with it. To date, the device has received more than 20 patents and was awarded the prestigious design award "Reddot Design - Best of the best".