The Italian will go on a trip on a drifting iceberg

The Italian traveler Alex Bellini, who is known all over the world for his extreme travels, is going to set off on another trip soon. This time, his choice fell on the northwest of Greenland, or rather, on one of the icebergs drifting off its coast.

Alex Bellini is going to live alone on a drifting iceberg for about a year, until it melts. During all this time, it will be in a tiny capsule reinforced with high-strength Kevlar fiber. To survive, he is stocked with food with a total weight of about 300 kg, as well as some electronic equipment. The Italian will begin his dangerous journey next year. Most of the time he will live alone, but journalists are expected to visit him from time to time. It is interesting that the adventurous project is conventionally called Adrift 2015.

Alex Bellini hopes that his experience will help in the future in the study of the problems of climate change and the environment in general. He noted that although he is not a scientist, he, like many others, cares about our planet.