Are LED eyelashes threatening to become a new trend?

After designer Tien Pham presented this fashion accessory in May, the f.lashes project went viral, gathered an interested audience and is about to turn into a full-fledged startup. Its launch will take place in a few weeks, and the release of the new product on the market is scheduled for the turn of 2017 and 2018. So what are they, these 21st century hi-tech eyelashes?

Standard false eyelashes, regular cosmetic accessory glue, custom fillings. There are few LEDs inside f.lashes, so they get their energy from one battery and can function for up to 4 hours. The power supply, along with the controller and motion sensors, are located in a module that attaches to the back of the head and connects to the lashes with a thin, inconspicuous wiring.

The purpose of f.lashes is to draw attention to the eyes of its owner at the right time. To do this, the controller analyzes the movements of the head and, for example, during a dance, activates one of five backlight modes. From a simple glow to a cyberpunk light show. It is not clear at this stage whether it is possible to program a certain personal effect.

The most harmful questions from critics are: will the wiring break if you shake your head on the dance floor, and will the eyes open, over which the arrays of light bulbs hang? The developers counteract that they used unpretentious LEDs with a single gamut that emit a minimum of heat. Because of this, you cannot make the eyelashes glow alternately in different colors and you will have to buy several products of specific shades.

F.lashes, a pair of eyelashes and a controller are priced at $ 40. But there is a wholesale offer - a set of seven multi-colored eyelashes for $ 100. One problem, so far, we are talking about a prototype that bears little resemblance to a finished commercial product. Everything should become clear after the launch of the fundraising company.