Filipino fisherman finds over $ 100 million pearl

A simple Filipino fisherman became the owner of the largest pearl found on our planet. Its length is about 70 cm and its weight exceeds 34 kg. It is comparable in size to a standard pillow, and in weight to an 11-year-old. The cost of the "king of pearls" is estimated at $ 100 million. The previous record belonged to a pearl found in 1939 - 14 kilograms.

As reported by Palawan News, the giant pearl was found 10 years ago off the coast of Palawan Island. While fishing, the boat's anchor accidentally caught on a giant clam, which dragged it down. While trying to free the anchor, the fisherman discovered an unprecedented pearl that migrated from the seabed ... under the bed of the lucky one, where it had been lying for 10 years.

Unaware of the true value of his find, the man made it a kind of talisman: every time before going to sea, he touched it for good luck. It is difficult to say how much longer this "seclusion" would have lasted if it had not been for the move to a new place of residence. It was then that the fisherman decided to show the unique find to his aunt, Eileen Cynthia Maggei-Amurao, who works in the tourism sector, who reported it to the mayor of the city.

Currently, the giant pearl is located in the atrium of the city of Puerta Princesa, where it is awaiting the arrival of specialists who will make a final conclusion about its authenticity and price.