The tallest wooden skyscraper in the world is built in Norway

Norway's 18-story Mjøstårnet skyscraper has been officially declared the world's tallest wooden building by the influential International Council on Tall Buildings and Habitat (CTBUH). Its height is 85.4 m, and the total living area is 11 300 sq. meters.

Of course, in many respects it is inferior to its “colleagues”, ordinary skyscrapers, however, according to experts, Mjøstårnet is a real milestone in construction. For comparison, its wooden "brothers" - the Australian 25 King in height only 45, and the Canadian Brock Commons - 53 meters.

Initially, it was planned to erect a building with a height of 81 meters, but later it was decided to increase it by 4.4 meters, since the contractor of the project Arthur Buchardt, the head of AB Invest, announced his intention to build the tallest wooden building in the world.

Mjøstårnet was built in the settlement of Brumunddal, known in Norway as the center of the timber and woodworking industry. The building consists of columns, beams and transverse structures made of laminated veneer lumber. Elevator shafts, stairs and interfloor ceilings are also made of it. Mjøstårnet officially entered service on 15 March.