A rescue drone delivers an inflatable life jacket to a drowning woman

This Wednesday, a group of seven was trapped in the sea by a strong current 70 meters offshore on a beach near the port of Sagunto, Spain. Even in spite of the shallow depth, a slight panic began among the swimmers, and they called rescuers.

The rescue operation was attended by the drone Auxdron, the brainchild of the Spanish startup GeneralDrons. The drone is equipped with eight rotors located in two (top and bottom) on four consoles. The aircraft body is made of sealed carbon fiber. The Auxdron can be continuously airborne for up to 34 minutes without load and 26 minutes with payload. In this situation, he delivered life jackets to the scene.

From the shore, the flight of the drone was controlled by the operator Diego Torres. He corrected his actions by radio communication with the rescuers who were at the scene. In addition to this, he saw everything happening in real time using the onboard camera.

As soon as the drone hovered over the group, the video camera recorded that a woman was in the most dangerous position, losing her strength in the fight against the current. It was to her that the life jacket was lowered, which automatically filled with air upon contact with water. After she put on the vest, rescuers arrived and brought her to the shore.

The Auxdron continued to hang over the blocked group until it was completely evacuated to safety.