Facebook's new technology will predict the route of movement of users

The good old days, when Facebook "as if by chance" was engaged in the simple collection of information about its users, irrevocably gone. Advances in artificial intelligence are opening up new opportunities for social media (not just the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg) - and at the same time causing alarm for those who once created their account.

It became known that Facebook has patented the technology "Offline Trajectories", capable of predicting the routes of movement of users based on the geolocation histories already in their accounts.

In fact, everything is quite simple. For example, you are a client of a particular fitness room, after which you go to a cafe on your way home. With this in mind, the application will offer you advertisements for "passing" similar establishments.

However, this next advancement in AI is underwhelmed by many, especially in the context of the recent massive personal data breach scandal of 50 million Facebook users, in which Cambridge Analytica was implicated. According to experts, the position of the Internet giant in this story raises a lot of questions and claims.

As it turned out, not all Facebook users want to "light up" once again, informing her about their places of stay. However, such troubles can be completely avoided.

For example, the reporter for the online news publication BuzzFeed Nicole Nguyen, who is well acquainted with the Offline Trajectories application, recommends disabling the function of indicating your location on Facebook, or even completely deactivating this application.