Introduced the gaming operating system SteamOS

Yesterday the American company Valve officially announced a new operating system called SteamOS. It is designed to run on gaming computers and consoles.

According to the manufacturer, the new gaming platform runs on Linux and provides access to the Steam service. SteamOS lets you run thousands of games, including programs specifically designed for Mac OS X and Windows. It will be available for free not only to ordinary users, but also to developers.

The new platform is designed for open source game consoles, which, in turn, can be connected to large-screen TVs. The SteamOS platform will also run the Steam Box game console, which was recently announced by Valve. Also, the new operating system will allow you to broadcast games from your computer to your home TV.

"Devices based on the SteamOS platform will allow streaming games over the user's home network directly to the TV and will allow you to play with each other, " said the developers of Valve.

The release date of the new gaming operating system SteamOS is unknown. The company promises to announce this later.