How to turn into any celebrity during a video conference

The new Avatarify filter with DeepFake support allows video conference participants to try on the face of almost any famous person, dead or alive, from Mona Lisa to Steve Jobs to Elon Musk. Essentially, Avatarify uses an algorithm that can overlay a celebrity's face onto a user's face in real time. The code for this software is available for download to everyone via the Github service.

The demo of the conference shows how Elon Musk allegedly makes a mistake with the link and ends up on a two-way video conference Zoom. Despite the superficial resemblance - due to the fact that Zoom video is a bit of a pixelated mess in quality - the vocal performance leaves a lot to be desired. But how can you not be identified with such a sudden meeting?

Programmer Ali Aliyev - the same fake Elon Musk from the videoconference - used the open source software First Order Motion. It is a face swap program developed by a group of Italian researchers in collaboration with Snap Inc.

“The development of the prototype took a couple of hours, and I decided to play a trick on my colleagues, with whom I call in Zoom every Monday, ” Aliyev commented on his act. “And it worked. Since they are all engineers and researchers, the first reaction was curiosity, and soon we were testing a prototype. "