Blockchain will help shoppers trace the path of salmon from egg to store

Mitsubishi's subsidiary, the Norwegian company Cermaq, is engaged in salmon fishing and its supply to France through an intermediary, the French trading company Labeyrie. In one of its press releases, it is noted that now shoppers will be able to scan special QR codes on the company's labels for detailed information about the "journey" of their salmon, literally from the egg to the store.

The introduction of blockchain technology into the trade will help buyers always know how the salmon was raised, its size when released to the sea, and the location of the farm where it was bred. Customers will also be able to learn about the health status of the salmon, their diet and even vaccinations received.

Instead of traditional public blockchain ledgers, Cermaq and Laberie used IBM Food Trust software to manage this data. We are talking about a specialized software package for tracking food supply routes with private distributed ledgers. IBM has built a platform based on the open source Hyperledger Fabric software released by the Linux Foundation.

The new platform has already attracted the interest of major manufacturers. It became known last week that Nestle, together with French retailer Carrefour, will use the IBM Food Trust blockchain technology to provide consumers with the ability to track the quality of milk for babies.