Full-size 3D holograms will appear in the near future

The Queen's University of Ontario showed the intermediate results of work on the creation of a videoconferencing system for the future TeleHuman 2. It is based on the technology of creating three-dimensional holograms of interlocutors - in full growth and in real time. The developers say that virtual or augmented reality is not needed to use their brainchild.

TeleHuman 2 uses a set of video cameras capable of recording not only the brightness of individual light fluxes, but also their direction. This creates an effect of depth, which can then be reproduced using a set of "smart projectors" on a special cylinder screen. This results in a three-dimensional, not a flat picture, which is equally well visible from different angles.

At the current level, image detail and viewing angle leave much to be desired, although the communication system itself works well. The interlocutors can move, communicate, transmit non-verbal cues, use body language, etc. All this technology was intended for - three-dimensional holograms are needed to create the effect of a person's presence where he is not physically present, but there is a need for his direct participation.

Scope of the novelty: almost everything related to working with people. A holographic boss can appear at a meeting in another part of the world and chastise his subordinates, an artist can perform virtual concerts in a dozen nursing homes at the same time, the dog will see his beloved mistress and calm down, stop biting the sofa out of boredom. The technology has been developed since 2012 and it will take several more years to fine-tune it, but this is our real future.