Intel artificial intelligence creates special effects for a music video

Chinese pop star Chris Lee became the first performer to collaborate with artificial intelligence as part of her professional career. Intel took advantage of the opportunity to advertise its brainchild, a visual effects system for video that uses machine learning principles.

When filming the video for the song "Rainy Day, But We Are Together", the artistic intention of the director required the presence of water drops flowing down the singer's face. However, she was not tempted by the prospect of singing and getting wet, as well as using a chroma key and special makeup with markers to capture movement. Instead, the AI ​​tracked Chris Lee's movements and drew the desired effects in real time.

The quality of the highlights and the appearance of the streams of water leave much to be desired, but this is exactly what was intended. The creators of the clip did not want to make realistic rain (it is ugly), instead they needed a tool to create artistic effects. The most different - in a situation where AI independently performs this part of the work, people were able to focus on working out individual scenes and the plot of the clip.

Will AI be able to create similar effects without being tied to a person or objects in the frame, create abstractly and completely independently? Intel has not yet given an answer to this question. But they hint - a new tool for directors, artists, designers and other creative fraternity may soon be embodied in the format of a commercial product.