A non-contact remote polygraph was created in Saratov

The technology of "checking for the truth (false)" with the help of a classic lie detector has taken a big step forward. Now, in order to find out the truth, it is not at all necessary to put a person in a chair and weigh him with sensors. A group of scientists from Saratov State University, headed by Lev Ivanov, developed and patented a remote polygraph.

The new device reacts exclusively to non-verbal signs in human behavior - changes in volume, voice timbre, speech rate, the presence of speech errors. This technology makes it possible to dispense with the consent of the person being tested, and also involves remote testing using special audio communication technologies.

The work of the remote polygraph is based on a complex algorithm that allows you to evaluate numerous non-verbal features of speech. The developers have successfully "tested" their technology, having carried out over one and a half hundred different examinations.

However, according to the scientists themselves, they are at the beginning of the path. The new technology needs to be improved and a system for the automatic analysis of the results obtained will be created in the future. The next step should be an application for a smartphone, which, first of all, can be used by forensic experts.